As innovators in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Appatura supports businesses in assembling content across channels to be truly integrated, accessible, and adaptable. This unique approach helps your team make a measurable impact on workplace efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability.



All your content, all in one place

Organize your content in one convenient, integrated content hub. This content ecosystem offers a fast and flexible approach to managing and assembling various data points and processing content across channels, formats and platforms.


Increase accountability and collaboration by managing workflows, assigning roles, deliverables and due dates, and enforcing guidelines.

Content Intelligence

Our custom software solutions create a central location for all your data, fostering more relevant content production and distribution.

Content Management

Managing your content across teams, offices, and even countries becomes more efficient and effective with a single unified hub.


Like LEGO blocks, this component-driven content hub allows you to break data into individual parts, and reassemble as new assets.

Reimagining Content for Unimaginable Growth

The secret to igniting business growth at scale starts with rethinking your approach to Enterprise Content Management. That’s why Appatura breaks your content down to the most basic, atomic level, and breathes life into it; making it a living, breathing, ever-changing organism that you can adapt and evolve in real time to ensure value for your business.

Improve Productivity

Save time by breaking down walls between your teams and offices, regardless of size or location, so you can get back to what you do best.

Increase Transparency

Improve communication and clarity with smart content management that allows your teams to see who edited what and when.

Ensure Compliance

See the value of our content and document management as the foundation for relieving your burden of industry and legal compliance.

Add Flexibility

We see ourselves as an extension of your team, building custom solutions that perfectly fit your industry and how you like to do business.

We’ve built a reputation as a valuable partner to our clients — and for good reason.

Make Content Work For You With DocuBuilder

DocuBuilder is our advanced document automation and Enterprise Content Management platform, which facilitates the publishing of complex documents by processing information in granular, reusable components. By improving accuracy, saving time, and eliminating natural human error, DocuBuilder helps your business become more efficient.


Our platform allow you to create a central location for all your content, fostering more relevant content production and distribution.


Once information is uploaded into the library, it can be tagged and repurposed to easily produce and publish materials while leaving a comprehensive and easily accessible audit trail.


Through linked content, DocuBuilder can push automatic content changes across many channels, in a variety of formats, while providing variance and maintaining compliance.


DocuBuilder seamlessly integrates with your existing processes to fully support dynamic, real time partnerships with multiple employees working on the same linked materials, anytime, anywhere.

Your Needs, Your Solution

No matter your industry or unique challenges, Appatura offers asset management solutions that are designed specifically for you, your organization, and your industry.


Appatura and DocuBuilder help you cover all of your N-1A publishing and filing bases. Automatically transforming content into PDF, Word, HTML, XBRL/iXBRL without additional software.


Easily update your content and publish it in whatever channel or format you need, all while cutting the time you spend managing, updating and producing fact sheets, pitch books, commentaries and web updates by up to 40%.


Utilizing a single source of truth for all disclosures coupled with workflow and approvals, seamlessly package and deliver only approved disclosures to downstream publishing platforms.

We Never Stop Innovating

Our achievements in technology solutions transform your content from spreadsheets and data feeds into outcomes that save time, reduce risks, improve compliance, and cut costs, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business. Plus, our growing suite of plugins allow you to seamlessly connect your content to WCMS, CRM, and MarCom tools, as well as MS Office.

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