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We have a long history of developing solutions, improving efficiency and cultivating meaningful partnerships.

Since 1993, we’ve been helping mutual funds companies take control of their data with DocuBuilder, our advanced content management platform. But we’ve actually been around much longer—dating back over 90 years.

Previously known as Data Communiqué, and rebranded as Appatura – our long history points to the fact that we’ve evolved alongside our clients, consistently updating our technology to meet and exceed industry requirements. We pride ourselves in developing long-term partnerships with our clients, so we can stay ahead of the curve and always bring new expertise to the table. Our industry knowledge and superior customer service helps us stay a cut above the competition.


Our employees do more than cross off to-do lists – they change them. We hire professionals who shift paradigms, find solutions and enjoy staying at the cutting-edge of technology.


Chief Strategy Officer

John Closson

John Closson has been with Appatura, previously known as Data Communiqué, for over 18 years. Prior to joining Appatura, John worked at Merrill Lynch, Eastman Kodak and Bowne Business Solutions. John earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from St. Lawrence University and specializes in process improvement, product management and new business development.

During his nearly two decades at Appatura, John has learned the ins and outs of the company, while working in several different roles, including Client Services Manager, Product Manager and Project Manager. In his current role as Chief Strategy Officer, John is responsible for business development and strategy. He is focused on helping maintain Appatura’s partnership mentality that extends to each and every client.

John Closson


Chief Information Officer

Faisal Fareed

As CIO of Appatura, Faisal Fareed uses his leadership and IT experience to help Appatura continuously develop as an innovative, robust and secure information technology environment. Faisal has over 22 years of experience working in software development, information security and managing development teams. He is currently responsible for a wide range of strategic goals, from resource allocation to IT operations to developing information technology protocols.

Faisal joined Appatura in 2001 and filled several technical roles before becoming the company’s CIO. While serving in a technical capacity, Faisal worked extensively on Appatura’s document management and publishing product, DocuBuilder. Prior to joining Appatura, Faisal worked at a multinational bank as a team lead for delivering ecommerce software. Faisal holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Karachi University.

Faisal Fareed


Chief Product Officer

Harsh Choudray

Harsh Choudhary is Chief Product Officer at Appatura with more than 15 years of industry experience. After earning his Degree in Engineering from MITS Gwalior, Harsh has been involved in various leadership roles serving Fortune 500 companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, Eli Lilly and Company, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, AIT Global Inc. and Provenir.

In his present capacity as CPO, Harsh has been designing and evangelizing Appatura’s cloud-based digital content hub enabling marketing and compliance teams to intelligently create, track, reuse, assemble and publish granular content to multiple platforms and channels from an authorized single source.

Harsh is changing the way our industry thinks about content and the way in which content is assembled and published across the enterprise. It is his content-centric philosophy that has helped corporations to seamlessly and successfully execute their digital compliance automation strategy.

Harsh Choudray


Head of Finance Department

Alpha Diarra

As the head of Appatura’s Finance Department, Alpha Diarra manages all of the company’s billing and accounting. Alpha joined Appatura, previously known as Data Communiqué
Inc., in 2000. His extensive experience working at Appatura has allowed him to become an expert on the company’s financial goals and billing processes. In 2007, he became the Controller of the restructured Data Communiqué.

Since May 2014, he has been leading and managing all of the company’s accounting, finance, HR, employee benefits, treasury and payroll. Alpha holds a BA in Business Administration from Baruch College.

Alpha Diarra


We’re always looking for independent thinkers, technology enthusiasts and problem solvers. If you have experience in information technology and/or computer science, we’d love to hear from you.

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