AppaSense Scans and Categorizes Your Entire Content Library

AppaSense Scans and Categorizes Your Entire Content Library

The demand to maintain and deliver accurate content across the enterprise is increasing at a rapid rate. Therefore, it is essential that you exercise precise control over your content library. With AppaSense you can swiftly generate deep insights that will allow you to create, manage and publish your content with greater speed, accuracy and confidence than ever before.

Using our powerful algorithm, AppaSense scans your entire content library to generate analytics, reports, and real-time notifications on every piece of content.

Instead of spending hundreds of hours reading, searching, and categorizing your content library, our cloud-based software will analyze your library so you don’t have to.

AppaSense automates the monotonous, painstaking process of sifting through all of your content. Its user friendly interface provides detailed analytics about your digital library, reports on key relationships between content entered, and identifies where and how content is used across the enterprise.



Detect Duplicates and Manage Content with Confidence in Your ECM

AppaSense plugs into DocuBuilder, our automated publishing platform for enterprise content management (ECM). By constantly analyzing your content library, it detects similarities and differences between your copy inputs, producing a host of metrics for each piece of content. You now see how many components resemble one another in your system, which you can then delete, harmonize  or repurpose with confidence.


Granular content components are the building blocks of your documents. A content component can be a single number or table, a sentence or group of paragraphs, an image or chart, or even another document.

Business Rules

Our intuitive interface allows you to apply business and presentation rules to every piece of content, for any consumer.

Stylized Output

Our system makes it possible to generate stylized outputs at the click of a button. Your content can be assembled, distributed, disseminated, pushed, pulled, viewed and delivered in virtually any way.

Distribution Channels

Our platform gives you the ability to deliver approved content through various channels and formats, including pdf, json, xml, excel, word, InDesign and others to eliminate tedious conversion processes.


Keep Track of Your Content and Simplify Workflow


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What Will AppaSense Do for My Business?

If you work in a federally regulated industry, keeping track of your legal content is critical to your business operations. A slight oversight can halt an entire division’s workflow. AppaSense’s algorithm is designed to simplify your content challenges by automating the mundane. You need to know whether you have content duplicates in your database or whether you and your team are using different language and terms to report identical things. After combing through your content database, you will have actionable insights and make confident decisions relative to content use.

Automate the monotonous and empower the autonomous.

A Better Way to Manage Content in Your ECM

By periodically scanning and pruning your content library, you’ll save time as you avoid creating duplicate content and unnecessary effort.

Content Analytics

Precision Is the lifeblood of good governance and compliance. A misplaced decimal, an omitted comma, or an outdated disclosure slipping into a document can pose challenges and headaches when discovered.  AppaSense’s library analytics will optimize accuracy and assist you in discovering discrepancies between pieces of contentan essential goal in any highly regulated industry.


As a cloud based platform, AppaSense enables users to navigate through, analyze, and access essential data points of their content, from anywhere in the world, whether on their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


A Glimpse into Our Client Partnerships

Appatura provides continuous support and guidance to the clients we serve. We seek to develop a meaningful, long-term relationship with each client, and have worked with some of our clients for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being available 24/7.

“I’ve been working with Appatura for over 10 years. Our legal team loves DocuBuilder. It empowers paralegals to make document changes on their own, and makes our whole legal process more efficient.”

VP, Director Investor Marketing

Who Will Benefit from AppaSense’s Software?

Whether you are part of a compliance team in an asset management, healthcare, or pharmaceutical company, AppaSense will provide you with the ability to control content and disclosures and ensure accurate and consistent use across all of your communications. Organizations and employees that churn out and manage troves of legal documents will gain from AppaSense’s content insights.

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