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CCM – An Example

So, now that we’ve defined CCM – how might one apply it in the real-world?

Let’s say we are responsible for all HR policy for a multi-state company. We have HR policies which include:

Corporate Policy,
Federal Policy,
State policy,
local policy (NYC for perhaps)

and add to that the requirement for multiple languages.

Traditionally, we would start by creating a master document, perhaps in Word, and create our main HR policy. We might then go ahead and add sections in the document for all of the State-specific requirements – “..if you live in this state the minimum wage is $x.00”… perhaps. and then the local, and so on.

If we rather organized our content in snippets – or chapters, sections, etc… then we would create a smaller subset of content which then could be organized – or placed – where it was needed. For example – the amount of difference between states might be only a few words or numbers – but the paragraph is the same. In our minimum wage example – the paragraph of text between states is the same – you either have it or you don’t – the only thing that really needs to change is the amount.

So: I now would have 1 component of content that says something to the effect of: “The minimum wage in the State of New York is $7.50 per hour, and is paid based on a 35.5 hour per week basis”

This is only good for New York – but if I were able to automatically replace the relevant parts of information based on state – then I could manage one paragraph of text and never worry about it again.

The component might become:

“The minimum wage in the State of &State is &Wage per hour, and is paid based on a &Hours hour per week basis”

I could then manage the substitutions automatically with separate components which could be kept in a spreadsheet, table or data upload – all behind the scenes so a user would not need worry about the details.

Now all of a sudden let’s say it is no longer politically correct to use the term “minimum wage”. We need to change all occurrences of the word minimum in minimum wage to base for base wage –

Traditionally this would be a nightmare – but with CCM it is a trivial event – we simply change the word “minimum” to “base” in this one statement, and all future versions of this component in all of the relevant media would be immediately updated – in seconds.