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How Content and Workflow Automation Reduces Cost

We just got back from TSAM (The Summit for Asset Management) in New York. It was a great conference, full of informative presentations about the future of asset management technology, client reporting, marketing communications and data management, along with a host of other informative topics and talks.

Over the course of our conversations with industry leaders, we talked about the challenges they are facing around managing content and why having a content hub is an idea whose time has come. As a company that specializes in providing content automation in the asset management space, we found all of these discussions fascinating. Indeed, creating and managing content at scale is one of the biggest business challenges affecting the workplace. Our content management software can create business efficiency by automating workflows and preventing work duplication.

One of the takeaways from our post-TSAM reflection was that clients are less interested in a litany of product features and more focused on delivering results. For example, If you’re a general counsel or head of marketing, you probably aren’t that concerned with the nitty-gritty details of how a piece of software works. Sure, you may have heard about component content management system in an industry blog, read about cutting-edge mutual fund software, or glanced at some other fintech digital innovation.

Most queries can be reduced to common questions such as:

1) Will your solution set make our process and lives better?
2) What’s involved in transitioning and how much of our time will be required?
3) Will it play nice in my technology stack?
4) Can you measure the time and money your content analytics and content and document management platforms will save us?

Our first goal is always to understand the organization’s current process and associated disconnects. We want to speak with stakeholders within an organization and discover what’s working and more importantly what’s less than optimal. Some clients benefit from only one of the tools in our suite of content and workflow automation solutions while others need two or more. Together we work to find out what an impactful solution looks like and how deploying content hubs or content analytics can make the process better.

We don’t believe that you give a client a bunch of software tools and all of their problems are solved. We take a page out of the medical profession in understanding that before you can treat the problem you first must diagnose what the problem is. The most sophisticated technology can fail spectacularly if the provider does not understand how it will fit in with the client’s business.

Our ECM solutions like DocuBuilder, Appasense, and AppaWeb create centralized content hubs, library analytics, and methods for directly delivering assembled output to a client’s web CMS and other downstream channels. Sounds really technical, right? That’s because the technology underlying our content architecture and document management software is complex, and tailored to industry needs.

Our component content management system DocuBuilder provides value to our clients in many different ways. For example, legal teams no longer have to work late nights and can make last minute edits in a flash. Marketing teams can confidently create and use approved content, and publish it across all digital channels at a click of a button. So, implementing an enterprise content management system like DocuBuilder, accompanied by AppaSense (our content analytics software), may help a client significantly reduce labor cost, improve time to market and reduce risk.

You may be wondering “how?” An enterprise content management system, equipped with a centralized content hub, can reduce client costs by as much as 20% to 30% (even more in some cases). As a result, tasks that in the past were consuming resources, raising stress levels, and lowering morale, start to vanish.

But first things first, we want to find out what are your unique set of challenges and how we might be able work together to simplify and streamline your workflow.

Want to learn more about how content and workflow automation can increase your ROI? Let’s have a conversation.