Organize, revise, and reuse

Organize, revise, and reuse

Our technology makes it possible for you to take control of your content, helping you reduce risk, save time and focus on bigger goals.

Through the use of granular content technology, once-complicated content management tasks become more manageable. Our technology gives you the power to save time, improve compliance and cut cost.

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“Appatura’s technology is absolutely an extension of our team. The ability to easily build and update new materials lets us scale our business, while maintaining our head count. They understand our process and are responsive to all of our problems.”

VP Client Reporting

Technology that Simplifies

From financial reports to marketing materials, managing content is easier when it’s brought down to the granular level. Here’s how our granular content technology makes content work for you, instead of the other way around.

Dynamic Content

Content should be as ever-changing and collaborative as your business. Our dynamic technology lets you access a living, breathing content ecosystem.


Just because content is different, doesn’t mean it’s not related. Our technology can flag content that might need to be changed, contingent on changes to other components.

Linked Content

Through linked content, you can make an edit in one place, and watch it change across multiple channels.

Shared Variance

Conveying different messages to different audiences doesn’t have to be complicated. Shared variance allows you to create one piece of content that can be automatically updated, depending on the data.

Connect Your Content

Our technology transforms disparate pieces of granular content into one cohesive content ecosystem that offers the following benefits:


Breaking content into smaller, reusable components makes managing marketing materials, compliance documents, and more much easier.


Our complete audit trail makes it easy to see exactly who made what changes when, so you’ll always have a comprehensive report.


Instead of having to start from scratch on a new document, you can reuse previous content components, while still making updates.


Cloud-based, password-protected, and reducing the need for many people to access potentially sensitive data.


Make automated changes to materials like compliance and legal documents, while reducing the risk for human error. Changes are automatically uploaded for accuracy and peace of mind.


Allows you to tag content and apply business rules, so it’s easy to make automatic changes and updates.


Allows employees to work collaboratively, instead of having to email back and forth unnecessarily—improving workflow efficiency.