AppaWeb simplifies the delivery of approved content to the web

AppaWeb simplifies the delivery of approved content to the web

Once you’ve generated factsheets, pitch books, and commentaries with DocuBuilder, you need a way to assemble and publish the same content directly to your website. And if you work in compliance or asset management, that process of updating content to your CMS (content management system) can be time consuming and frustrating.  

That’s why we developed AppaWeb, an easy-to-use, time saving plugin that enables seamless delivery of DocuBuilder’s content to your web CMS. Don’t let manual content entry limit where your content can go.

Seamless delivery to your web CMS.


How DocuBuilder Works

By harnessing the power of granularity, DocuBuilder helps clients cut the time they spend managing, updating and producing content by 30-40%. Here’s how we do it.


Granular content components are the building blocks of your documents. A content component can be a single number or table, a sentence or group of paragraphs, an image or chart, or even another document.

Business Rules

Our intuitive interface allows you to apply business and presentation rules to every piece of content, for any consumer.

Stylized Output

Our system makes it possible to generate stylized outputs at the click of a button. Your content can be assembled, distributed, disseminated, pushed, pulled, viewed and delivered in virtually any way.

Distribution Channels

Our platform gives you the ability to deliver approved content through various channels and formats, including pdf, json, xml, excel, word, InDesign and others to eliminate tedious conversion processes.

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AppaWeb is a single source solution for your content needs.

Why divide document publishing and digital content delivery into multiple steps? It’s much more efficient and cost effective to create documents and update websites by leveraging approved content from a single source. That’s why we decided to make an elegant, effortless solution.

AppaWeb is a plugin for DocuBuilder that integrates with  WordPress,  Sitecore,  Adobe Experience Manager and other content management systems—so you don’t need to transform your publishing platform to transform the way you publish.

Don’t limit where your content can go.

After assembling the approved content stored in DocuBuilder, your content hub,  AppaWeb delivers it directly to your web CMS. It reduces risk, leaves behind a complete  audit trail and version history, and allows for increased transparency.

Repurposing content across the enterprise can be tiresome. Let AppaWeb handle it for you.

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