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Language Analysis

Our process can shrink a library of thousands of components down to a thousand or less, streamlining communication and saving time.

Workflow Analysis

We take a careful look at your company’s workflow to address inefficiencies and make sure your communication process runs smoothly.

Impact Analysis

We’ll help you prepare reports, set goals and update your team on the progress made. Our platform drives results and we’ll help you measure them.

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Language Analysis

Our goal is to help you harmonize and condense your company’s internal content, such as legal disclosures, so you can avoid redundancy and save time.

We frequently work with cross functional teams to help reduce the number of disclosures needed, while retaining legal integrity. We can also help you implement rules for naming conventions, so queries to the library are more efficient and useful.

“One of the things I like best about Appatura is that they come to us with an understanding of best practices. They push us to the next level and help us consider what other firms are doing that we haven’t tried yet.”

VP, Director Investor Marketing

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Workflow Analysis

Sometimes a simple solution can make a huge difference for your business’ bottom line. We are experts at workflow, especially when it comes to implementing our content management platform, DocuBuilder. We’ll help you find ways to use DocuBuilder to its greatest capacity, eliminating inefficiencies across every department.

“Appatura enables us to be proactive in our marketing efforts, verses just being a production team. With Appatura’s help, we can be a real marketing team and develop an architecture for new marketing materials.”

Director, Head of Marketing

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Making the Case

We work with clients before the implementation process begins to prepare a report for their board of trustees. Our impact analysis process involves setting goals, looking for new ways to improve workflow and developing a course of action.

Continuous Loop – We check in with clients on a regular basis to ensure our solutions have delivered real results. This process allows us to set clear goals, manage expectations and monitor our progress, as measured by the success of our clients.