What is DocuBuilder?


Make content work for you.

DocuBuilder is our advanced content management platform that automates the publishing of complex documents by processing information in granular, reusable components. Originally designed for the mutual funds space, DocuBuilder can also be used in other business sectors that are required to comply with regulatory standards.

Since 1993, we’ve worked side-by-side with mutual funds clients to develop a strong understanding of what they need to be successful. DocuBuilder is designed to meet the unique needs of mutual fund companies—from maintaining compliance under intense legal scrutiny to keeping the fast pace required to stay competitive.

DocuBuilder makes document publishing more efficient and accurate, helping companies cut the time they spend managing content by up to 30-40%.



How DocuBuilder Works

By harnessing the power of granularity, DocuBuilder helps clients cut the time they spend managing, updating and producing content by 30-40%. Here’s how we do it.


Granular content components are the building blocks of your documents. A content component can be a single number or table, a sentence or group of paragraphs, an image or chart, or even another document.

Business Rules

Our intuitive interface allows you to apply business and presentation rules to every piece of content, for any consumer.

Stylized Output

Our system makes it possible to generate stylized outputs at the click of a button. Your content can be assembled, distributed, disseminated, pushed, pulled, viewed and delivered in virtually any way.

Distribution Channels

Our platform gives you the ability to deliver approved content through various channels and formats, including pdf, json, xml, excel, word, InDesign and others to eliminate tedious conversion processes.

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What does DocuBuilder do for your business?

By improving accuracy and saving time, DocuBuilder helps your business become more efficient. Plus, our team provides unparalleled customer service to help you make the most of your new content ecosystem.


Clients save an average of 30-40% of their content management time by using DocuBuilder. How could the extra time be spent at your company?


Through linked content, DocuBuilder can push automatic content changes across many channels, avoiding the risk for human error and still maintaining compliance.


Because DocuBuilder is web-based, employees can easily work from home, enabling greater flexibility and cutting back on late hours at the office.


DocuBuilder lets multiple employees work on the same materials at the same time, all while leaving a comprehensive and easily accessible audit trail.


See where DocuBuilder can fit into your company.


With DocuBuilder, you can easily update fact sheets, marketing presentations and more, and then publish them in whatever format you need, depending on the audience.


DocuBuilder helps you cover all of your compliance bases. It can also automatically translate content into XBRL and eliminate the need for additional XBRL software.


DocuBuilder makes financial reporting simple by instantly translating content to EDGAR and producing dynamic charts and graphs to accompany reports.


A Glimpse into Our Client Partnerships

Appatura provides continuous support and guidance to the clients we serve. We seek to develop a meaningful, long-term relationship with each client, and have worked with some of our clients for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being available 24/7.

“I’ve been working with Appatura for over 10 years. Our legal team loves DocuBuilder. It empowers paralegals to make document changes on their own, and makes our whole legal process more efficient.”

VP, Director Investor Marketing

Professional Services

Getting a fresh perspective on your business can help you address inefficiencies. We examine your company’s content management process, workflow patterns and more. We also bring years of industry experience to the table, so we can suggest new ideas you may not have considered.

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