RealTime Content was created for marketing professionals looking for:

  • Central location for collaboration
  • Custom workflows for content processing and assignment
  • Lights out assembly of content based on business rules
  • Real time status of content via dashboards and reports
  • Easy connectivity to downstream channels in any format
  • Intelligent content discovery via AI

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  • Easily create and edit content
  • Categorize and enrich via metadata
  • Configurable workflows to manage supply chain
  • Customize dashboards for easy oversight
  • Easy to use and navigate


  • Improved collaboration
  • Reduced content risk
  • Enhanced Return-on-effort (ROE)
  • Content re-usability and integrity
  • Ability to reach all channels and formats


RealTime Content also addresses three critical areas in particular:

  1. Connect to any downstream publishing platform
  2. Scalable professional services
  3. 20+ years experience
  4. Customer first mentality

RealTime Content for Marketing’s highly flexible and configurable workflow architecture is optimized for marketing. It permits users to edit, approve, assemble, deliver and re-use content in infinite content configurations while ensuring deliverability to target channels in any file format. Importantly, RealTime Content for Marketing draws from a single version – the “golden source” — of approved content.

Workflow Navigation Re-imagined for Marketing

RealTime Content for Marketing provides dramatically streamlined workflow navigation for content creation, publishing and reporting. This comprehensive solution handles every imaginable type of content, from websites, portfolio reviews and sales enablement documents to marketing design, RFPs and regulatory findings.

An Ecosystem for Today’s Marketing ECM Challenges

RealTime Content for Marketing is the unified workflow solution that marketing professionals have been waiting for. A solution that finally addresses error-prone, time-consuming and labor-intensive workarounds to content-manufacturing.